All About Our Sample Pack

Sample Pack

Get all the info you need about our best-selling bundle, the Sample Pack


If you love options, we’re hitting you with 6 of our best. Indulge yourself or the next lucky duck you need to buy a prezzie for with our ultimate bundle, our Sample Pack. If you two haven’t gotten more acquainted yet, then get to know the top three reasons why we think this pack is just a cape and radioactive lizard away from being a superhero-loaded box of goodness.


1. All the coffee

Don’t just take one or two; take 6 different varieties of our coffee, that’s 60 insane cups of coffee. With our Sample Pack, it really is super. This selection is perfect for folks who literally want all the coffee...who want caffeine on tap...who are one more cup away from contemplating hooking it up directly to their veins. We get it (and we definitely don’t recommend that!). Just grab our Sample Pack. It’s choc-full of caffeine goodness and serves up all your faves in one big, boastful box.


2. The perfect present

For yourself, for your Mum, Dad, sister or mailman. As a housewarming gift, a wedding present, or a baby shower token (for the parents who are definitely going to need it!), our Sample Pack saves any gifting situation. Loaded with more cups of coffee than even the busiest Melbournian café, get this as your next go-to gift for anyone who loves the taste of expertly roasted, sustainable coffee. Or, you know, grab it for yourself!


3. Variety is the price of life

Oh, we saved the best for last, FYI. When you get a Sample Pack from us, you save a sweet 10% off. Uh-huh, that’s a neat saving of 10% just for ordering this delectable bundle of deliciousness. Saving and sipping coffee just got even easier… oh but wait, there’s more. No, this isn’t the part where we throw in a set of steak knives, but this is the part where we do mention that if you subscribe to our superhero Sample Pack, you save 17%. Eeep! That’s too good, we tell you. 


There you have it! You got to know our Sample Pack a little more, and we hope you’re either mentally deciding how many boxes you need to get for others or yourself. Why not both? If you can’t tell, we’re super proud of this product. It features all of our well-loved blends, and we think just one round of this Sample, and you’ll keep coming back for repeats. Now, is it time to order up?


Get your Sample on!