Sustainable Gifting Ideas From Our VIP Gang

Sustainable Gifting Ideas From Our VIP Gang

Want a more sustainable solution to gift-giving this season? Our VIP Facebook legends weigh in on some nifty tips and tricks!

In our private Facebook group, we have a thriving community of caffeinated humans. Each week and day in, day out, we have the absolute joy of seeing their P&P moments, their pets, their gorgeous mugs, and their love for all things coffee and sustainability.

So, for some feel-good gifting ideas, we had the spotlight over to them this month! Read on for four easy ways to rethink how you gift this Christmas. They’re easy, simple and might do the planet (and your bank account) some good while you’re at it.


1) Stick to a limited amount of gifts

“On one side of the family, we do Kris Kringle and only buy one present. On the other side, we only buy for the kids.

Another family we know also buys all their presents from op shops. They have a $20 per person limit and they say there's plenty of new things to get with the tags still on.

One year we did a similar thing, but you had to buy the most hilarious/hideous present.” – Brent


2) Stick to these 4 things

“We reduce the spending and waste by only doing:

- Something you want (experience only).

- Something you need.

- Something to wear.

- Something to read.

So the grandparents get one for the kids and my partner and I get one each, so the kids are only getting 4 presents. The kids also buy one of those 4 things to donate to people in need.” - Tina


3) Buy second hand

“We only buy for the kids and ask for what's on their wish list, so we only buy what's wanted or needed. We also ask our family to only buy second-hand books for our kids or pass on books their kids no longer read. If we give presents, they are predominantly food items that we know will be eaten and wrapped in paper or fabric*.” – Nessa.

(* For more on this, check out last month’s blog about a sustainable Christmas!)


4) Only buy off someone’s wish list

“As a small family of only adults, we write a wish list over the whole year. It can range from tiny things to cars. That way, we can choose a gift within our individual budget. Needless to say, the cars and yachts never get bought, but it is fun to ask for them! We usually just buy books. I tend, like Nessa, to only ask for food items, so I'm not accumulating more needless stuff.” – Lynette


There you go. Four amazing tips from four amazinger humans. We hope that helped, and we hope you’d consider joining our amazing group of caffeinated folks. It’s totally free, and we also offer up heaps of exclusive benefits to joining, including weekly giveaways of your favourite pods!

We wish you a lovely holiday season this year, and here’s to some sustainable gift gifting.