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Best Flavours On The Planet !!
Love your review, Tanya. Thank you! It means a lot to us that you've tried the rest and can tell the P&P difference! Welcome to the P&P Fam! ❤️
Super Smooth
Aww, thanks for appreciating our darling Munro too Jaz! Happy to welcome you to the P&P Fam, Jaz!! ❤❤
Full bodied flavour

Wow! Thank you so much for the support Jaz! Great to hear your loving Bancroft as much as we do. We appreciate your feedback! :)


Hey Jaz! Cheers for the wonderful feedback. Thanks for making Bezzera your go-to morning coffee. Enjoy! ☕❤

Thanks for your review, Jesse! Enjoy your P&P :)
Love the concept but...
Hey Sally! Thanks for your support and interest in trying our P&P varieties. Sorry to hear that they didn't satisfy you. Here are some tips that may help you get the most out of our pods using your machine: If you need further assistance, please email us. :)
Bezzera for a good all-rounder
Many many thanks for loving our Bezzera, Tahlia! Enjoy ☕ ❤
Really good coffee pods
Amazing support, Kristi! Thanks for your feedback :) We love our snobby customers!
Long on taste short on twitch
Cheers for the awesome feedback, Michael! ☕ ❤
Great taste, slow delivery
Hey there Jamie! So sorry for the delay in postage. We are glad to hear you loved the flavour of P&P Coffee. Thanks for the genuine feedback. Cheers! ☕❤️
Great Coffee
Super pleased you loved P&P Coffee, Robert! Cheers :)
Can’t go out for coffee anymore
Love the feedback, Kevin. We worked hard to get it right, glad to hear we're happily caffeinating you. Cheers and enjoy your barista-grade coffee! ☕️
Get my coffee fix every time!
Cheers for the feedback, Linh! We look forward to continuing to caffeinate you :)
Happy Customer
This feedback made our day, Georgia! Appreciate the awesome feedback. Your support means the pod to us. ❤️☕️
So far so good

HI there Mark, thanks for your feedback and for drinking P&P with us!
Hopefully these tips will help with the piercing of the pods and the extraction of our coffee, as biodegradable and compostable pods may be treated with extra love:
If you are experiencing ongoing issues, please email us at

Great coffee and great service
Hey Randy! Thanks so much for being a customer and supporting us! Cheers :)
Cheers for the feedback, Sian! Enjoy P&P Mbeya! :)
New fave
Love that Pod and Parcel hits the spot for you, and we're glad to have another convert. We appreciate your feedback, Penny!!
Great product
Thanks for your review, Kathryn! Very happy we could provide you feel-good coffee! Cheers
Great tasting coffee
Appreciate the awesome review, Brett! Thanks for the support and sharing P&P coffee. ☕
It's the details that count!
Thanks so much for the feedback, Sonja! Welcome to the P&P Fam. Cheers and enjoy ❤☕
Love this coffee
Thanks a million for the review, Margit. Glad everyone is loving it. Enjoy your feel good coffee.❤️☕️
Coffee love
Hi there Samantha, thanks for the wonderful feedback! Really glad your loving P&P Coffee. Let us know once you find your fave flavour. ❤️☕️
Thanks for appreciating Sidamo, Diana. Everyone's favourite decaf! ❤
Coffee tragic
That's so amazing to hear, Lorry. Thanks for appreciating our beloved Sidamo! Cheers ❤️☕️