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Meghan Hyde

We love this coffee! So much better than a lot of the pods I have tried.

Thanks a lot, Meghan! Love that P&P hits the spot for you, we appreciate your feedback!  -Nikki

Rebecca Hilger
Great coffee

I have been ordering the variety pack to try many of the flavors. Bancroft has been one of my consistent favorites. They are all good, but this one makes me sit back and say ‘awesome.'

Thanks so much for the review. We agree, Bancroft is just fabulous! Keep enjoying  -Nikki

Modern Royal
Colleen Taylor
Thank goodness for Pod & Parcel

I wake every morning and can’t wait for my favourite Hartmann coffee to brew. It makes my day bright and happy.

What an awesome review! Thank you so much, Colleen! Keep enjoying your P&P Coffee! ❤️☕️

Hartmann Estate
Helen Mak

Hartmann Estate

Cheers for the 5 stars, Helen. Enjoy!

Sample Pack
Ray Cork

Happy Jan

Thank you so much for the perfect score, Ray! Keep enjoying your P&P coffee! ❤️☕️

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Marion Aitchison

Love this blend to keep me going! Pod & Parcel have come through with the goods on this one.

Enjoy your guilt-free P&P coffee, Marion! Cheers ❤️☕️

Vanessa Crust
Pod Love

We love all the coffee we have tried from Pod & Parcel!

WOW! So glad you're enjoying your P&P and super appreciate your support, Vanessa! Cheers ❤️☕️


seriously the best roast. so sad its only limited!

Appreciate the positive feedback, Jess! Don't worry, we still have more in stock and they will be back soon! ☕️❤️☕️

Delightful Decaf

Smooth and delicious. Thoroughly enjoyable!

Thanks Bianca, Our P&P Sidamo is definitely a decaf crowd pleaser. ❤️☕️

Sample Pack
Katie Moody
Great tasting coffee

These are all full flavoured, great tasting coffee, made even better because the pod can be composted!

Cheers Katie for doing your part and enjoying it at the same time. ❤️❤️

Deborah Horne
Always a great cup of coffee

I have now ordered 2 shipments and have yet to find a flavor that is not good. BRAVO!

Amazing, Deborah! We're so happy to hear the joy P&P is bringing into your household!  -Nikki

Super Sample Pack
David Tadd
Great coffee

If you are looking for good coffee, couldn’t recommend highly enough. The coffee is great and it’s a quick delivery time

Thank you so much for the awesome feedback, David. Highly appreciated review! Cheers. ❤️☕️

Fay McNeice

Thanks for my prompt & efficient delivery. Pod & Parcel are easy to work with and the coffee us great! No problem in my Nespresso machine. This fussy coffee drinker is very pleased - Thanks

Thank you so much for sharing the love, Fay! But why only 1 star? Keep enjoying your P&P pods! Cheers ❤️☕️

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Adele James
Love it all

Love them all, love when the delivery arrives

Appreciate the love, Adele! Delivery day is always the best day!! Keep enjoying ❤️☕️

Sample Pack
Caroline Arlett
Amazing range

This was my first purchase with Pod & Parcel but definitely not my last! The range included is great, and it gave us a good idea of our favourites already.

Really appreciate the review, Caroline! We're stoked you're enjoying the P&P experience. Welcome to the P&P Fam! ❤️☕️

Emma Rea
Superb coffee

We discovered Pod and Parcel during lockdown 1 and haven’t been without it since. 11/10!

WOO! Thank you so much for the amazing review, Emma! Looking forward to serving up more P&P deliciousness! ❤️☕️

Super Sample Pack
Justine Winchester
Super Sample Pack

Awesome product!! So many flavours/strengths to choose from which helps to brighten my cup from the early mornings to the end of the day. Fast delivery and subscription. Thanks team! 🥰

It's our pleasure. We're happy to hear that our specialty coffee's hitting the spot for you Justine. Thank you so much for sharing the P&P love. Keep enjoying! ❤️☕️

My favourite P&P brew ever!!

Hartmann never disappoints. It’s my favourite to drink black on a Monday morning when I need a little courage to face my inbox, and also on lazy weekend afternoons when only coffee will do. Super smooth, delicious, my absolute favourite. And comes in the BEST holo packaging! Wish it wasn’t limited edition!

We're glad you're enjoying Hartmann Estate, Laura! Cheers for the awesome feedback! ☕️

Super Sample Pack
Wendy Burdis
Love these

Love the ease of purchase, taste and variety In the sample box. Great way to work out favourites!

Glad you enjoyed the sampling experience and thanks for appreciating what each unique flavour has to offer, Wendy! Cheers ❤️☕️

Leonie Weatherley
Causal drinker

Great coffee, better than my local

Your feedback means so much to us, Leonie! Thanks a bunch ☕️☕️


Great coffee, great customer service. Always look forward to my order arriving!

We super appreciate your feedback, Virginia! Glad you had a great P&P experience. Cheers ❤️☕️

Suzanne Fordham

Loving all my varieties that I have indulged in so far.

That's what we like to hear! Appreciate the feedback, Suzanne! Cheers ❤️❤️

Rise & Shine
David Walsh
Great coffee, smart packaging and service

Thanks P&P, loved it. Will be a repeat buyer.

YAY! Thank you so much for the positive feedback, David. We're so glad to hear you're loving our coffee pods! Welcome to the P&P Fam! ❤️☕️

Hartmann Estate
Robyn Linkhorn
Hartman Estate Heaven

Loved this coffee so much I had to bring forward a subscription so I didn’t miss out before it runs out. It’s my favourite

Really appreciate you taking the time to leave such great feedback, Robyn! Means a lot to us. Cheers! ❤️☕️

Hartmann Estate
Marie Lavender
Hartmann Estate

The Hartmann Estate coffee is fabulous - I keep going back to it. Enough flavour without being too strong or weak.

Really appreciate the kind words, Marie! So glad to hear you're loving our P&P Hartmann Estate! ☕️☕️