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Hey Jamie! We'd be glad to have you as a repeat customer. :) Thanks!
Very happy with the switch to Pod and Parcel
That's amazing to hear, Tracey. Hope you enjoy P&P every day! :)
Great Coffee and Quick Delivery
Thanks so much for enjoying P&P with us, Tama! :)
Hi Tony! Thanks for your feedback and for enjoying with your fam Pod & Parcel :) Amazing support! Cheers!
Great Coffee
Looking forward to that, Nina! Cheers!
So yum!!
It's enjoying your coffee but guilt-free! :)
Thanks for enjoying P&P in the Coffee Club, Ishbel! Glad to be part of your morning routine. :)
Better than Nespresso
Wow!! THANK YOU, Mandy!❤❤
Thanks for the feedback, Natasha! :) 'Sunrise over a clear horizon' is the best!
Hey Liz, thank you so much for the support! Great to have you as our lifetime customer! ❤
5 Stars
Cheers for the feedback, Shelley! :)
Hey Jessica, thanks for the feedback! :)
Loving all the varieties in the sample pack
Thank you for loving P&P, Rebecca! I hope you and your husband continue to enjoy more of P&P. ❤
Cheers Stuart! :)
Sample Pack
Oh my! We're so sorry about the damaged pods, Amanda. Can you please send us an emai to, we'd be glad to assist.
Cheers Tessa!
Every time I open our coffee drawer! 🍃
Such good things to hear! We're glad we're making such impact! Thank you so much, Callie :)
New customer
Hey Lynda! Thanks for the awesome feedback, we're glad to have another convert!
Hi Naomi, so sorry about the damaged package. Let us know if that affected the pods inside, send us an email to
Cheers Heather! :)
My blend for a beautiful day!
Wow, we have been together for that long already? Thanks for supporting us, Nandini! :)
Thanks for the L-O-V-E, Carol! :)
Hi Chelsey, thanks so much for your review and for enjoying Pod and Parcel! Cheers
Hi Morgan, thanks for enjoying P&P and for your review :) All of our coffee is 100% specialty grade, bought directly from the farmers/co-ops and sent straight to our roastery. This means we have full traceability on the product and quality. I can assure you that our coffee only comes from farms that meet our standards of safe work practices, forest friendly locations and are free from harsh chemicals. There is, unfortunately, a large unknown misconception that fairtrade and certified coffee is actually better for the world and its growers. This is true for low-grade commodity coffee growing and various other goods such as low-grade cocoa etc but Specialty coffee bought directly from a farmer will always be better than fairtrade or organic commodity coffee for the growers. Hope that helps! Cheers and enjoy :)
Great Coffee
Thanks for trying P&P, Maryanne! Let us know your fave from the Sample Pack. ❤☕