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New Coffee Love
Hi Annie,  thanks for your review and for trying our pods! Glad we were able to live up to your expectations and provide you with a feel-good coffee Cheers and enjoy! P&P
Love love love!
Hi Richa, we really appreciate the kind words and good vibes and we are happy to hear you received a speedy delivery of deliciousness! Thanks for sharing the love and welcome to the pod Fam :) P&P
Patti's Pods Ponderings
Hi Patti, thanks for your feedback and for loving our feel-good coffee! Enjoy :) P&P
Cheers Matthew!
Love it
Thanks for the awesome feedback, Emily. We're glad to have another convert, thanks for loving P&P :)
Believe the hype
Hey Kaelah, glad to hear that we've changed your mind :) Continue enjoying P&P!
That's what we like to hear! Thanks, Kirsten :)
Good flavor
Hi Dan, thanks for your feedback and for trying Pod & Parcel. Glad we could provide speedy deliciousness to your door :) Our pods are made from a sugarcane composite bioplastic that is designed to safely breakdown in an industrial composting facility. The material is both biodegradable and compostable. The side effect of this is they may become stuck in your machine from time to time. Best thing to do is just use your finger to pop it through. If you are experiencing ongoing issues, please email us at Cheers; P&P
Yummy Stuff
The benefits of having specialty coffee in your home :) Cheers Samantha!
Great stuff!
Hi there Melanie, thank you for your feedback and for making the great switch! Glad we could provide speedy deliciousness to your door :) Cheers! P&P
Delicious coffee
Hi Tabitha, thanks a bunch for your coolest review! Have slow itty-bitty sips of coffee to make it last longer :-P Enjoy! P&P
Yum yum
Awwww, thank you for choosing P&P, Annika. We love you more!
Love this coffee!
So thankful you did! Cheers, Sarah!
The best part of waking up is P&P in your cup!
Thanks a bunch for loving our specialty coffee, Heather! Looking forward to having a new Coffee Club member :)
Coffee lover
Hello Penny, many thanks for your review and for trying Pod & Parcel! Super excited to have you as a customer :) Cheers, P&P
Thanks for the feedback, Nina!
Loving our coffee!
Great to hear! Enjoy P&P, Daniela ❤
Oh yeah! What a reason to celebrate Thanks, Patrick!
Best Pods tasted so far!
Hi Nick! Love that Pod and Parcel hits the spot for you, we appreciate your feedback!
Sample Pack
Hi Pamela, thanks so much for your kind words and for trying our yummy pods. Glad to hear you received a speedy delivery of deliciousness! Happiness level: HIGH!! Lots of love, from Melbourne to California :) P&P
Hi Kurt, thanks so much for your amazing feedback and support! Glad we could provide you with Australian sustainable coffee :) Welcome to the Pod Fam! Cheers, P&P
Real Coffee at Last!!
Hi Jeannette, what a great feedback,thank you! We're so happy to hear the joy P&P is bringing into your household :) Life is definitely good :) Cheers, P&P
Hartmann Estate
Hey Susan, glad to be part of your morning routine! :)
Hi Stacy, thank you so much for the feedback! Nothing's more important than providing good customer service and saving the planet :)
Hi Eliot, thanks for your feedback and for loving our pods! Looks like you´re doing a great job with your Sample Pack :) Cheers! P&P