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This product was recommended to me by my daughter who uses it faithfully. So I tried it and I liked it and now when she comes to visit she has coffee too. There has been very little wait time to get my orders each time and I like that. I like to use it as an extra little creamy boost to my iced coffee. Keep up the good work!

WOW! That's awesome, Deborah. Thank you so much for the positive feedback. Please thank your daughter for us and welcome to the P&P Family! ❤️☕-Ivan

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Maxwell Sindell
Just Delicious

Better than Nespresso’s own. And cheaper. And more eco-friendly. What’s not to love?

It's a total win-win! Glad you found us, Maxwell. Really appreciate the fantastic feedback. Cheers and keep enjoying! ☕️❤️-Ivan

Randi Waltuck
Always great

Thank you for not only replacing some funky pods but going above and beyond and sending two boxes.

Thank you so much for the positive review, Randi. We want to make sure our P&P Fam is happy. We appreciate your support and for enjoying P&P with us. Cheers ❤️☕-Ivan

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Stacey Hewitt Orobona
Wonderful Coffee!

Pod & Parcel has been a great find. I lived in Australia for a few years and have missed the wonderful coffee. Now I can enjoy it in my home.

Thanks so much for the kind words, Stacey. Keep enjoying your P&P. Cheers! ❤️☕-Ivan

Randi Waltuck
Let's dance: huehuetenango

Yum. Bright. Deep. Passionate.

Cheers for the awesome feedback, Randi. Enjoy! ☕️❤️-Ivan

Liz S.

tastes great, easy, compostable and comparable in price to other pods. whats not to love

Thank you so much for the shout-out and for loving our Bancroft, Liz! Glad we could bring high-quality coffee into your home. Cheers! ❤️☕-Ivan

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Coleman Rusnock

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Thanks so much for the 5 stars and for sharing this with us! Cheers and enjoy! ❤️☕-Ivan

so delish

way better than woken. even the decaf is good!

Thank you so much for loving our signature decaf, Sidamo! Keep enjoying ❤️☕-Ivan

Oksana Makarova


Thanks so much for your review, it means the world to us! Keep enjoying P&P ☕️❤️-Ivan

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Randi Waltuck
Great product service n value

Love these pods. And compostable!!!

You're the best - thanks so much for the awesome feedback!! We are so glad to hear you're loving the coffee and the service. ❤️☕-Ivan

Please consider adding a light roast variety pack

My only major disappointment with the coffee so far (the Fasoli) is how much thin dark residue is left at the bottom of the cup. Oh and I would certainly appreciate a variety pack with way more light roasts!

Thank you so much for the feedback. I've shared this with our QA to investigate and also the variety pack. Cheers ☕️❤️-Ivan

Susan Rix

Every time I throw a coffee capsule in recycling
I feel good! Every time I sip my first taste of coffee, I feel awakened!

That's so awesome to hear! Thank you so much for the positivity and for the amazing feedback. Cheers! ☕️❤️-Ivan

Oksana Makarova


Thank you so much for the positive review! We are super happy that you enjoyed our feel-good coffee! ❤️☕-Ivan

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Loren Kent

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We appreciate the perfect score! Thanks so much for the good vibes, keep enjoying your P&P coffee pods! ❤️☕️-Ivan

Patricia Glenesk
rave review

i recently tried another compostable pod coffee and i was so disappointed! Pods &Parcel is far superior, I'm P & P for life

WOOO! Thank you so much for taking the time to leave us such awesome review! Glad that you're enjoying everything ❤️☕-Ivan

Confusing to order different flavors for subscribe and save

I thought I ordered seven different flavors of coffee, but I received 7 of the same kind. I do love this flavor, but variety would have been nice. I'll have to figure out how to fix that before the next subscription order auto-ships.

Hi Abby,

Thank you so much for your feedback and apologies for the confusion. We would be very happy to check on your order for you. If you can send us an email at - we will investigate and help you with your order. -Ivan


I tried this when I was in Taiwan. Before I tried it, I thought capsules are always tatse worse than the ones you have in coffee shops. And I was wrong! These capsules are absolutely delicious and ever more better than most of the coffee shops I've been to. I especially love the Huehuetenango and Munro. Highly recommended!

WOO! Thank you so much for the epic review. Super glad you're enjoying the P&P experience! ☕️❤️-Ivan

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Alfred Gonzales
Best we have tasted.

We stopped using Nespre__o because of their continued involvement with Russia. We decided to go to compostable pods and that led us to you. We have been very happy with your pods and plan to reorder more this weekend.

Thanks for the feedback! We're glad to have another convert! Keep enjoying your P&P! ☕️❤️-Ivan

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Genevieve Vincent
Love it

These are so much better than the actual n’esspresso pods for two reasons- 1) they taste better. 2) they are compost friendly

You´re the best! Thanks so much for sharing your P&P experience. We appreciate it! ☕️❤️-Ivan

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Trea Cohen Kurtzman

Sample Pack

Thank you so much for the perfect score, Trea! Cheers ❤️☕-Ivan

Sample Pack
Shelby Wright
Happy customer

Excellent mindful alternative to plastic pods currently on the market. Beautiful design and yummy coffee.

Really appreciate the kind words, Shelby. It means a lot to us. Keep enjoying your P&P coffee! ❤️☕-Ivan

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barbara arone
Great tasting coffee!

The compostable part is just bonus :)

We love hearing that you've been enjoying the whole P&P experience. Cheers! ☕️ -Ivan

Love these pods

As a (somewhat) fussy expat Aussie, I was delighted to see these and give them a try. I’m delighted. Robust flavors, smooth tastes, compostable, compatible w my Nespresso, quick delivery… it’s all positives. (And was a no-brainer xmas gift choice too!). Keep it up :)

You´re too kind Jackie! Thanks so much for your positive feedback. Glad we could provide you with Oz sustainable coffee. Sending all the love  -Nikki

Meghan Hyde

We love this coffee! So much better than a lot of the pods I have tried.

Thanks a lot, Meghan! Love that P&P hits the spot for you, we appreciate your feedback!  -Nikki

Rebecca Hilger
Great coffee

I have been ordering the variety pack to try many of the flavors. Bancroft has been one of my consistent favorites. They are all good, but this one makes me sit back and say ‘awesome.'

Thanks so much for the review. We agree, Bancroft is just fabulous! Keep enjoying  -Nikki