3 Reasons Why Fasoli is Our Ultimate Sip

3 Reasons Why Fasoli is Our Ultimate Sip

Shine bright like Fasoli! Get the goods on why this delicious drop is our go-to sipping situation. 


Summer, fall, winter and spring. If you’re after the ultimate fling no matter what time of the year, then we hand you nothing but the best. In fact, we hand you Fasoli! It’s our ultimate sipping situation. For sweet, refreshing sips ahead, read on why we’ve chosen to fangirl over Fasoli no matter the season or reason.



Hear this: our Fasoli is delicious steamy or dreamy over ice. The reason why is this blend comes in at an intensity 8 – this number on the roasting scale means it’s literally perfect if you want it hot, with milk or without or thrown over ice. The plum skin, wild berry and caramel notes also help out; thank you very much! When we were designing Fasoli, we looked towards all the best characteristics from Brazil, Ethiopia and Rwanda. We took a lil’ bit of this and a lil’ bit of that for the ultimate cuppa that you could have any which way. You are welcome!



Once you’ve decided if you want your Fasoli hot or cold  – or both, we won’t judge – you’ll also be surprised to note that we designed this blend to be had with any type of milk. It may just be its smooth base or expert trio roasting that makes way for oat, almond, coconut, cashew or good ol’ cow’s milk. (Also, we can’t confirm if cashew milk is actually a thing; if it is, let us know!)

Anyway, yes. Fasoli is a fan of milk, and we’re a fan of that. When you’re whipping up this pod, prepare for any kind of milk and enjoy the subtle-sweet caramel notes that shine through. Delish.



The last bit we have to convince you is the best bit, and quite frankly, it’s just this: our Fasoli is designed to dazzle. To delight. To be enjoyed. It’s a bright, playful blend that makes it our go-to sip. Whether it be rugged up beside the fire and served with frothed oat milk or at the park post-winter and thrown over ice, Fasoli is simply the taste of any season. Give it a try and tell us otherwise!