Cozy, green, and warm: keeping warm, sustainably

Cozy, green, and warm: keeping warm, sustainably

Hot cocoa. Movies by the fire. Snowflakes falling. Winter brings a magical charm, but it also brings colder temperatures. Brrrr. As we embrace the beauty of the season, let’s also embrace keeping our homes warm and cozy in an eco-friendly way. Here’s how…

Buy blankets and Oodies

Who doesn't love snuggling up to a blanket or chilling in an Oodie will watching Netflix? Hello comfort and warm times! Now where’s a test - wear your Oodie or blanket whenever you’re cold and see how long you can go throughout winter without turning on that heater!


Tip - open your shutters or curtains during the day to get that sunlight streaming through the windows. This not only brightens up your space but also brings in free, eco-friendly heat. Make sure to zip those curtains shut once the sun sets to retain that warmth.

Rugs R Us

Fact - rugs on cold floors and heavy curtains can act as insulators, trapping heat inside and providing a cozy atmosphere. Bonus points if it’s a big sheepskin rug by the fireplace…

Embrace energy-efficient appliances

Consider investing in energy-efficient heating appliances. Why? Modern, eco-friendly heaters and thermostats not only help you maintain a comfortable temperature but also contribute to reducing energy consumption and lowering your utility bills. Winning!

Hello, sustainable heating

We geddit - good ol’ fashioned fireplaces are the best! But also explore sustainable and energy-efficient heating options. Think eco-friendly alternatives like pellet stoves (psst: pellet fuel is made from renewable sources and often recycled materials) and electric fireplaces (who have zero emissions and are 100% efficient when it comes to converting electricity to heat).

Stop! It’s DIY draft stoppers time

Get your creativity on with DIY draft stoppers for doors and windows. Repurpose old fabrics or use eco-friendly materials to make draft blockers that are cute and chic, while keeping your home cozy!

Coffee + cocoa

Warm up from the inside out by enjoying hot beverages. Yes, that includes your fave P&P pod. Also works with a hot cup of cocoa. Marshmallows optional (but highly recommended!).

By getting your sustainability on and implementing these eco-friendly warming solutions, you can create a cozy, warm oasis within your home while reducing your environmental footprint. Oh and your home, your wallet, and Planet Earth will thank you for it too!

Have you got a fave sustainable tip to staying warm in winter? Let us know and get in touch on our socials. We’d love to hear what you have to say! You can find us here: Pod and Parcel and @podandparcel.