How to Level-up Your Cardboard Waste Game

How to Level-up Your Cardboard Waste Game

Be eco-friendly AND your cost-savvy with our simple guide for breaking down cardboard boxes like a boss!


Cardboard boxes 🙌🏻 They're the unsung heroes that deliver our coffee pods, secret shoes purchases and pretty much everything else we love, straight to our doors. But how often do we give thought to what happens to them afterward? Let’s dive into the world of cardboard and why breaking it down in style matters (both on and off the dancefloor!) 📦💃


The Numbers Down Under 

In America about 68% of paper and cardboard gets recycled each year (not bad, not bad) but before we pat ourselves on the back, the downside is that a lot still ends up in landfill. And with the explosion in e-commerce since the pandemic there are more cardboard boxes arriving at our homes and businesses than ever before (gorgeous homewares and online Rosè subscriptions anyone? 😉).


The Double Benefit of Cardboard Best Practice  💸🌿

Every box that lands at your doorstep has the potential to be recycled. Correctly collapsed boxes help more cardboard fit into your recycling bin and allows the lid to fully close (which prevents contamination of the entire load from rain). Recycling cardboard also only requires 75% of the energy compared to making new cardboard. So this simple act is a big win for the planet. The other benefit (particularly for businesses) is that reducing the space and excess air in each recycling load means fewer recycling pickups and reduced transport costs (which will significantly reduce your waste bill). 


4 Steps to Break it Down Like a Boss! 

Although this sounds more like a Disco Inferno dance-recital, it’s actually our simple formula to help you break down cardboard boxes correctly every time:

1. Flip the box upside-down and slice the centre bottom seam with a box cutter.

2. Now use the cutter to slice the tape at both ends too.

3. Pull all flaps up and out.

4. Fold the box flat and it's ready for recycling. 

Following this formula will help you be more eco-conscious and cost-savvy (which leaves more money for shoes and Rosè, right? 🍷👠😂).


So whether it’s the coffee you drink or buying shoes online, we are here to help you be more effortlessly stylish and eco-friendly in everything you do ♻️💁🏼‍♀️.


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