Raw cacao and nutmeg with subtle notes of cinnamon

Tasting notes Raw cacao, nutmeg & cardamom
Intensity 13/13
Best served With milk
Capsule Biodegradable & Compostable
Compatibility Nespresso® Original (Not Vertuo)

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Customer Reviews

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A morning buzz - 2 fold!!

Pod and Parcel coffee is not only the most delicious pod coffee I have had in a long time, I also feel amazing at the fact that when I empty the pod trap, I'm not partaking in destroying the planet. I pride myself in my families recycling attempts and using Pod and Parcel just makes us feel good!!

WOW! This is AMAZING! Appreciate the words and the video shoutout, Tegan! Love that you're enjoying P&P flavour and experience. It's always good knowing we've made someone happy! Cheers and enjoy ☕❤


Don't know; it was a gift to somebody.

Thanks for the 5 stars Harvey! Hope they liked the gift. Cheers :)

Amazing Coffee

Amazing coffee and amazing service!!

Great to hear, Jarrad! Appreciate the feedback :)


This is my go-to morning coffee. It's the perfect strength for me as a single shot with milk, without being bitter at all. Also works beautifully as an iced latte. I love serving this one to guests. I've just placed another order with 3 x Bezzera to take away with family over Christmas. Thanks P&P!

<p>Hey Jaz! Cheers for the wonderful feedback. Thanks for making Bezzera your go-to morning coffee. Enjoy! ☕❤</p>

Bezzera for a good all-rounder

I’m loving bezzera as my go-to coffee choice! It’s great with milk, hot or cold 😊

Many many thanks for loving our Bezzera, Tahlia! Enjoy ☕ ❤

More Info

Bezzera is the latest edition to the Pod & Parcel lineup and our darkest, most intense coffee to date.

Named after Luigi Bezzera, inventor of the espresso machine, Bezzera brings together premium robusta from the Kaapi region in India with specialty arabica from Tanzania. What you get is a rich, full-bodied flavour that cuts through milk with a 'classic coffee' taste.

Bezzera will also give you an extra caffeine kick too due to its robusta. So, if you're after a delicious wake-me-up brew, Bezzera is the answer.