Plum skin and dark berries greeted by golden caramel

Tasting notes Plum skin, dark berries & golden caramel
Intensity 8/13
Best served With or without milk
Capsule Biodegradable & Compostable
Compatibility Nespresso®

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Customer Reviews

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Love it.

Randi Waltuck
Lot 'em all but TTarrazu especially

I have recently purchased these and had added the first batch to the composter. Praying they are true to their word and they will decompose. The coffee is lovely; Tarrazu is delicious and has a heavenly scent.

Thank so much for your feedback, Randi! Keep enjoying our feel-good coffee! Cheers P&P

Madison St. Amour
Can’t wait to buy more!

I love these flavors and love that they are biodegradable even more!!

Thanks for your feedback, Madison! Cheers for enjoying our feel-good P&P coffees :)



Thanks for your review, Timothy,! Enjoy your Fasoli pods :)

A nice change up

I don't know if I would say that they're leaps and bounds better than actual Nespresso pods but they're good and they're biodegradable and I've been getting so bored with Nespresso that I will definitely be back for more in the future.

Thanks for noticing the P&P difference in your end brew, Rylan! We really appreciate the kind words and good vibes. :) Cheers!

More Info

A modern and bright tasting blend, Fasoli brings together arabica beans from three different countries to provide the perfect balance of flavours.

You’ll notice notes of dark fruit such as plum and berries that form the cup’s body, whilst simultaneously adding citric acidity for balance. Responsible for this are the beans sourced from Sidamo, Ethiopia and Kanguka, the Western Province of Rwanda, a region known for its distinctive sweet-tasting Red Bourbon arabica varietal.

Finally, arabica sourced from Nascer Do Sol, Brazil, gives undertones of roasted nuts, caramel and cocoa that adds sweetness and a gentle finish to the cup. Fasoli was made to be a people pleaser, as it’s flexible with or without milk.