Easy Eco Tips for Easter

Easy Eco Tips for Easter

Give the Easter Bunny a run for this money with these easy-as eco tips this Easter.

Spring has sprung! Get into the spirit this Easter with our easy eco tips that’ll have you hip to the hop to the happening (and celebrating!) with some considerations that a little more conscious than your average Easter celebration.


1. Do-it-yourself Easter hamper

Ditch outsourcing or unnecessary buying this Easter and make your own hamper to gift! Better yet, in the honour of clearing and decluttering, why not use this Easter as an opportunity to rally up all the things you no longer want? The saying is actually true: one person's trash is another person's treasure, and while you're at it, why not throw in a homemade selection of goodies for your friends and fam? (See tip three.)


2. Get egg-cellent with your decor

An oldie, but a goodie. If you’re up for a little rivalry, why not host an egg decoration competition or simply boil up some eggs and get painting? It’s a cute way to spend the season instead of binging the latest season of Bridgerton over the long weekend, and while they may not be totally grammable, it’s the thought that counts! Plus, you could totally put googly eyes on all of them and take a crackin' photo just for keeps. No omelettes were made in the making of this eco Easter tip. Promise.


3. Be your own chicken (or bunny!) 

Ditch the tin foil and extra wrapping that comes with buying Easter eggs and actually make them at home! We know, we know; it’s a thing. This is also a way of being your own bunny this Easter (or chicken, because we know it’s totally a chocolate chicken laying all these eggs, right), but it’s also a way of getting crafty and the little humans involved in the kitchen! There are stacks of scrumptious Easter-inspired recipes online to whip it, but this Easter egg recipe is easy-as — you just need to buy a mould!


4. Our tip tin foil tip

Our top tip if you do eat eggs with foil wrapped around (no judgement here) is collecting them all! Little bits of foil just slip through and get missed in the combing machine, so what you want to do is collect enough foil until you have a collection that’s roughly the size of a tennis ball. That way, it’ll be recycled properly. Alternatively, we recommend dropping small bits of foil into something like an aluminium can! 


And that’s what we have for you this Easter, P&P fam! We’re wishing you a lovely season of snoozing, relaxing and chocolate-related festivities. We’d love to see what you got up to and all your coffee love, so why not come check out our VIP Facebook group? It’s a small community of fellow coffee lovers who we spoil each week with free pods!

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Sip into spring!