4 Easy Upcycling Ideas to Try Right Now

4 Easy Upcycling Ideas to Try Right Now

Get your eco on with these easy-as tips!

Sometimes (just sometimes), we can think that “going eco” is a little hard. Perhaps it might conjure images of weekends spent constructing a compost bin the size of a small house, removing every product in your house and starting again or spending hours online researching what to put in what bin.

But we’re here to set the record straight: going eco is actually pretty easy, and here’s how we’re going to prove it … cue this fun lil’ blog. In this nifty number, we’re going to dazzle you with 4 easy upcycling ideas to try that you could probably start doing right now. Alright, let’s go. 


1. Old belts

Have an old belt laying around and a cute four-legged friend in the family? Here’s an idea: turn an old belt that you’re no longer using into their collar. We’ll wait while you ponder this genius. For more inspo on this, check out the inspiration we got for this tip (and cute doggo pics) here.

2. Empty wine bottles

When the wine and cheese platter is done, why not wrap the Vino bottle in some cloth or give it a spray with your colour of choice and pop a rose in it? Now you have more excuses to buy wine and flowers for yourself. Win, win!

3. Discarded toilet rolls

If you’ve already got a veggie path or just want to start out, who would’ve thought that you could use your toilet rolls to start sprouting seeds? Yes, we know; we were shocked when we found out. Check out this cute blog that goes into detail and ponder for a moment at the genius behind this awesome eco hack!

4. Leftover tyres

Toot, toot! Here’s a simple and stylish upcycling knack: if you’ve got a leftover tyre and some rope, simply grab a glue gun and turn it into your very own ottoman. Check out the inspo here, and kick your feet up when you’re done.

And that’s why we have! What did you think? Do you have a nifty eco hack that we're missing out on? We'd love to hear all about it! Let us know what you think on our socials: find us @podandparcel

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