Less Waste, more Taste: The next step on our sustainability journey

At Pod & Parcel, we’re committed to continually improving our service, and making your experience as enjoyable as possible. We take our environmental responsibility seriously, and recognise that without a healthy planet, your morning (or afternoon) coffee can’t exist.



That’s why we now completely offset all our delivery carbon emission to neutralise this carbon footprint, and ultimately make your coffee a whole lot smoother to swallow.


What are carbon offsets?

Getting our pods from P&P HQ to your doorstep unfortunately results in an emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere - this is what we refer to as leaving a carbon footprint. In order to mitigate this harmful output, there are steps we can take to neutralise our carbon impact. This compensation is what we refer to as a carbon offset.


How are we offsetting?

We are extremely proud to be partnering with Greenfleet, one of Australia’s most respected sources of biodiverse carbon offsets, to take neutralise our carbon emissions through native reforestation.

With the help of Greenfleet, we offset the carbon footprint made to get your pods to your door, by planting native trees on sites that need it. This means that with every order, you are contributing to the restoration of Australian and New Zealand forests. Now that’s an initiative we can get behind.



Why are offsets important?

Though we wish it weren’t the case, delivering your parcel to your door unfortunately results in carbon dioxide being emitted into our atmosphere.

We recognised this harmful effect as something we could better manage, and therefore engaged the help of Greenfleet’s carbon management plan to neutralise these emissions. Though it’s not the answer to resolve all carbon related emissions, it’s a great start towards total carbon neutrality, and we’re pretty proud of this partnership.



What does this mean for you?

Our new carbon-neutral deliveries mean that you can sip your coffee, guilt-free. In the past, guilt-free coffee for us has meant making a conscious decision to ensure all our coffee is sustainably sourced, produced and packaged. Now, we’ve taken it one step further, and with the help of Greenfleet, we’ve ensured absolute carbon neutrality for every one of our deliveries.


What’s the plan for the future?

We acknowledge that this isn’t the finite answer to global carbon emissions; it’s just the beginning. This is a big step in Pod & Parcel’s journey towards our goal of reducing our impact on the planet. We believe in a holistic approach to sustainability and hope to continue to announce new initiatives that make us as environmentally conscious as we can be.

And perhaps most importantly, this is a crucial step in the right direction to make worldwide sustainable business practices an expectation, not an exception. 


This blog post has been written with the support of Greenfleet supplied documents and articles. You can read more from Greenfleet here.