From Seed to Cup

It's been a bit of an interesting year, so we’re here to make it even more interesting : did you know that your coffee comes from a bright red coffee seed, or colloquially termed, coffee cherry? Who’d have thought! Let us take us through the steps involved to get your coffee from seed to cup.




Unbeknownst to many, coffee actually grows on trees (say what?) and starts as coffee cherry - bright red juicy looking fruits.

At Pod & Parcel, we’ve scoured the globe to find the world’s top tier coffee plant producers, all in an effort to bring the highest quality specialty coffee to your door.

For our Sidamo Single Origin for example, this means sourcing beans all the way from the Sidamo Province in Ethiopia (which is actually where coffee originated!). For our Calexte blend, a customer favourite, we source some caramel and pistachio noted beans from Columbia as the base, then add some sweet strawberry-noted arabica from the world’s best Tanzanian coffee growers.


Processing the cherries.


Once our coffee growers have harvested their coffee cherries, they then need to remove the ‘husk’ of the fruit, revealing the delicious coffee seed inside - the magic caffeinated bean that turns us a little more human in the mornings. At this stage the bean is still ‘green’ and needs to be dried to prepare them for storage.

Depending upon the growers preferred drying method, the beans will be sun-dried or machine-dried, then popped into jute bags for export (we’re ready for you, beautiful beans!)


Roasting the beans.


Once the beans arrive from their big journey, we pop them into a roasting machine which sits at the hot hot hot temperature of around 250 degrees (we want them to be nice and toasty). This is the point at which that gorgeous aromatic coffee smell presents itself, and the green beans turn into a deep rich brown bean that we’re all much more familiar with seeing.


Grinding and delivery.


After the beans have been roasted to their full potential, we finely grind them, and pop them into the biodegradable and compostable pods you know and love, ready to be delivered to your door and enjoyed by you every morning! Enjoy!