Two million what a day?

Two million what a day?


Get all your aluminium questions answered here, plus some pretty intriguing stats and facts while we’re at it.

Hey hey, caffeine queens, have you ever wondered how to (actually) recycle aluminium, if aluminium coffee pods are safe or even where to start with them? Well, don’t fear; we break down all your Qs here. Read on for the 411. 

Before we start, you might be wondering if our pods are made of aluminium? 

We are proud to answer that with an absolute NO! Our coffee pods are biodegradable, compostable and plastic-free, breaking down in just 90 days. (That’s roughly half of the time it takes for an orange to decompose, FYI!)

Aluminium pods take around 500 years to return back into the Earth. Now, we don’t know about you, but that’s a prolonged breakdown we want nothing to do with. 


Alright, so your pods aren’t made of aluminium, but if I use aluminium pods right now. Are aluminium coffee pods safe?

We don’t want to speak for other businesses, but it’s believed that packing coffee aluminium allegedly seals in the freshness ‘better’. To do this, most aluminium pods are sprayed inside with a silicone-based coating, similar to the side of Coke cans, so the acidity of the soft drink doesn’t eat away at the can.

Now, we’re not food scientists, but we think you’re clued up enough to know what to do. So, we’ll just leave that ‘fun’ fact here for you to ponder.


I wanna know more about recycling aluminium coffee pods: can you put Aluminium coffee pods in the recycling bin?

Ah, fab question. When we’re talking all about how to recycle aluminium coffee pods, the truth is you really need to head back to the place where you ordered your aluminium pods, so they can dispose of them safely. (Also, totally random, but we hear that the process of recycling aluminium pods produces a waste product literally called ‘dross’. Sounds delish.)

Anyway, the short version: please don’t put your aluminium coffee pods into the recycling bin. Try to recycle them through the recycling scheme your coffee pod supplier should have. Unfortunately, the uptake of this is roughly 10%, which means 90% of aluminium pods are heading to landfill, where they literally take hundreds of years to break down. And no, not the ‘crying into a tub of ice-cream after watching The Notebook’ kind of breakdown. 


So, what’s the takeaway here? 

Well, with millions of aluminium coffee pods used every day in the US alone; we believe in serving up the stats and leaving the rest up to you.

But, ultimately, we want you to have it all.

And by all, we mean delicious specialty-grade pod coffee that tastes insane and is good for the Earth.

You think it doesn’t exist, but we're here to tell you that it does.

Are you ready to start drinking sustainable coffee?