Say 'see ya' to single-use plastics

Say 'see ya' to single-use plastics

4 ways you can cut on plastic this month

July is the month to kickstart your plastic-free journey. Say 'see ya' to single-use plastics like bags, cutlery, and straws that are busy clogging up waterways and degrading over hundreds of years. Why not try something more sustainable instead? But you've heard all this before; the simple swaps and the handy hacks, which is why we're coming atcha this July with some spicier ways to switch your living to be more sustainable. So, without further ado, let's dive in.

1. Bulk up

Say no to pre-packed food with all that excess plastic wrapping and, instead, visit your local bulk food store to stock up on non-perishables like flour, dishwashing liquid, or rice. We're always looking for an excuse to take our boo thang on a date to Costco anyway.


2. Buy less

Seems simple, is simple: just buy less. We know, we know, we hear the call of the shopaholic within us on a daily basis too - but hear us out. Fewer products purchased means less waste generated by you - not to mention if you're getting a receipt and a bag every time you shop at a store that's excess landfill you have to worry about. Save your conscience and your dollars by thinking twice the next time you hear David Jones calling.


3. Simple swaps

Alright, we had to mention it at least once just to make sure we covered our bases. We'll try to keep it as short and sweet as possible though: swap your plastics to more reusable options; think bamboo, wood, or other durable and biodegradable/compostable material. Worst comes to worst you can always use a metal lunchbox or water bottle (plus, ceramic water bottles like the kind Frank Green stocks are so cute!).


4. Work it out

There are several sneaky swaps you can do to make your work life more sustainable, too. Because why should we only protect the environment at home? The easiest one is to simply bring your lunch to work - this avoids you having to purchase a takeaway lunch on your break that comes in plastic packaging.


So now you know how to cut down on your plastic this month. Feeling inspired? Why only limit it to one month out of the year? Incorporate these nifty 'lil hacks into your everyday life year-round and enjoy a plastic-free party every day. Got some ideas of your own that you'd love to share? we'd love to hear it! Reach out and let us know your handy hacks to subtle sustainability this July.