Our top tips to save energy in the kitchen

Our top tips to save energy in the kitchen

Here at Pod & Parcel, we love cooking and enjoy any time spent in the kitchen. I mean, the kitchen is where the coffee machine is, right? Right. We’re hitting you with our top tips to keep an energy efficient kitchen in your household.


Master dishwasher Tetris to your advantage

Dishwashers are a man’s best friend - I mean, talk about convenience! But they can also use up a lot of energy and water when they’re used consistently. To reduce energy usage, it’s important to only use the dishwasher when it’s full - and this calls for some dishwasher tetris to make sure it’s stacked up as much as possible! 


Seal the deal (or just seal your doors) 

The doors of your fridge and oven help to seal in the hot or cold air. If the seals aren’t working, that air could be escaping and the energy wasting! To check on your seals, place a piece of paper between the door seals and the door, and if the paper moves easily in and out then the seal is not working. These are easily replaceable to help you save energy!


Watch your water wastage 

Next time you go to fill your kettle or saucepan up to the top, think twice. If you’re just making one cup of tea, or boiling one cup of pasta, you don’t need to full them all the way up. The more water you use, the more energy is required to get it to boiling point. Add a little extra for evaporation, but measure out your water for the perfect amount to save energy.


Whip (ha!) out your tea towels

No, we’re not telling you to twirl up your tea towel into the ultimate whip. It’s time to stop using the dry cycle on your dishwasher and whip out the trusty ol’ tea towels instead. Although it’s more energy for you, it saves so much energy that your dishwasher would burn through in just one drying cycle!


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