Three Eco-friendly New Years Resolutions

Three Eco-friendly New Years Resolutions

New year, new you: right?

We’re here to help you make some super sustainable switches to bring the best version of YOU into this new year!

From becoming a BYO King or Queen, to saying buh-bye to the fast fashion fad - we’ve prepped our most fab four eco-friendly New Years resolutions ready to make you the most sustainable version of yourself this year.

Let’s hit it!


1. Be your best BYO self

It’s time to become a BYO King or Queen and put leaving home empty-handed to an end. From keep cups for your morning cuppa, to water bottles, and finally shopping bags for hitting the grocers - little switches make big differences in your quest for a more sustainable New Year.

In 2022 alone, over 583 billion plastic bottles were produced, alongside five trillion plastic bags (ahem… 160,000 Every. Single. Second). Crazy, right? If everyone picked up the habit of BYO-ing their way through all single-use goods, fossil fuels from creating these products would be reduced, as well as the impact of single-use waste on clogging up landfill.

In true P&P style, we’ve come prepared with a beaut display of the beloved Made by Fressko Bino Cups to help you to save the environment and look great while doing so. Forget diamonds - coffee is a girl's best friend - and especially coffee in a beautiful keep cup!.


2. Wave buh-bye to the fad of fast fashion

It’s no lie that the fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world. Our love affair with cheap clothes made on demand sustains a fashion industry that continues to pollute excessively. An easy way to counter this effect is to simply buy thrifted fits. Pop tags in true Mackelmore style and hit the thrift shop for a whole new wardrobe!

Reducing the number of fast fashion brands that we support is a great way to reduce pollution and the level of textile waste in landfills. A great New Years Resolution is to cut out any clothing purchases that aren’t secondhand - besides, vintage is sooo in!

We wrote a fresh blog late last year with our top tips on sustainable fashion, which you can find here.


3. Upcycle or donate

When it comes to the annual clean out, it’s easy to throw everything out. The phrase ‘out of sight, out of mind’ springs to mind here… But, it’s important to consider whether the goods that you have no use for anymore could be a dream come true for someone else!

One man's trash is likely to be another man's treasure - and recycling is a great way to reduce the goods being sent to landfill! Your old vintage briefcase could be a beautiful planter pot for someone else, or your pots and pans could go to someone who needs the essentials. Giving your goods a second life is a great way to help your community and help the environment.

Local thrift stores or shelters are always looking for good quality goods to share with their community, so start your New Years so fresh and so clean by donating your pre-loved goods.


Good luck! May 2023 be the year you truly conquer the little things to make a big impact!