Holy cow! How does your milk measure up?

Holy cow! How does your milk measure up?

“You’re the coconut to my coffee,” doesn’t have the same romantic twang as “you’re the cream to my coffee,” but across the globe, people are taking a massive leap toward a more conscious and sustainable way of living. The first step? Switchin’ up your milky habits!


Over the past ten years, the plant-based milk industry has seen rapid growth. With increases in plant-based diets and concern for climate change, people are turning to alternative milk now more than ever. So, how does your milk of choice measure up on the sustainability scale?


Hold the cow?

Well it’s true that little swaps can make big differences - and that’s why so many people are ditching the dairy! Cattle are among the top contributors to greenhouse gases, with a single cow belching about 1kg worth of methane each year. Yup - a glass of dairy milk can result in three times more greenhouse gas emissions than any plant-based milk. Wow!


So what are my options?

Well, shopping for alternative milk these days is like shopping for your fave blend of red wine; you know what you like, but there’s just oh so many options to choose from! The biggest everyday sellers for cafes and grocers alike are oat, almond, soy, and coconut. Plant-based alternatives offer numerous health benefits, as well as a more sustainable impact on Mother Earth.


In terms of how your milk measures up in partnership with your fave P&P brew, it all comes down to personal preference. Coconut milk in your cuppa may bring the tropics to your doorstep, while oat milk might be too reminiscent of porridge for your espresso. Either way, taste is subjective so it’s worth treating yourself to a taste test to find your perfect milky match!


The bottom line

All up, alternative milks are a rapidly growing industry, especially as people become more focussed on the effect that their dietary decisions have on the planet. Little swaps make big differences, so taste-testing all the milky wonders on offer is just one approach to sustainability!


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