5 facts to test your knowledge of our Huehuetenango Single Origin


How well do you know our single origin from Guatemala? Read through the below Huehue facts to see if your knowledge measures up.


1. Its correct pronunciation.

Nope, it’s not Hugh-Hugh. And it’s definitely not Hoo-eh Hoo-eh. The correct phonetic pronunciation is in fact way-way-teh-nan-go. Who’d have thought!?


2. It’s one of our most low maintenance roasts.

The tasting notes of blood orange and vanilla in Huehue are so on point, that you definitely won’t want to dull them down with milk. Drink Huehue for exactly what it is - uncomplicated perfection.


3. It’s a limited batch.

The coffee harvest for Hue Hue is brief, only lasting three to four months per year. This means we have a finite amount of time to harvest those precious beans, making Huehue a super special roast.


4. It has a very unique namesake.

We decided to name this special batch after the mountainous microlots from which the beans are sourced: Huehuetenango, a region found in the highlands of the Sierra de los Cuchamatanes in South-Western Guatemala.


5. Its farmers are different to what you’d expect.

You’d expect a Guatemalan coffee to be sourced from a location that speaks Spanish, but this isn’t the case for Huehuetenango. The farms from which we source the beans are in a unique village, whose native tongue is actually ‘Mam’, the language of the Mayans.


So how did you go? Next time you’re sipping on a Huehuetenango espresso, take pride in where your morning roast has come from, and impress your mates with all your new-found Huehue facts.