About the Roaster

Padre Coffee was born at the Brunswick East Project (438-440 Lygon St), back in late 2007 to early 2008. Essentially a two-man operation, back then they roasted, brewed and sold all of their coffee under the one roof; making friends, having fun and learning as they went.

Although they’ve since grown considerably (now 5 cafes across Melbourne and Noosa), Padre Coffee is still a small owner-run business that prides itself on exceptional products and outstanding service, and because they love their coffee so much, they can be very particular (...some would say obsessive) about the way it is produced, prepared and presented.

Padre’s dedicated roasters still put endless time and energy into the curation of a diverse and ever-changing range of premium single origin and blended coffee beans. It’s these beans that they’re proud to source from traders and farmers all around the world, who know the value of quality and believe - as Padre Coffee does - in ethical and sustainable production.

About the Coffee

Sweet and simple, the Daddy's Girl (DG) blend is every bit as charming and endearing as its namesake.

Soft and rich with mild acidity, full body and notes of mellow caramel and sweet milk chocolate, DG sees premium Colombian and Indian beans come together like they were made for each other. Deliciously user-friendly as espresso, DG makes for an exceptional milk coffee and thanks to the beans' natural sweetness and low acidity.