Christmas Gift Pack


A selection of six of our most popular specialty coffee roasts

Overwhelmed with options or love variety? Our best selling Sample Pack includes six of our signature coffees and is a great way to get started.

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Pods 60 in total
Capsule Biodegradable & Compostable
Compatibility Nespresso® Original (Not Vertuo)

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110% Guarantee
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Customer Reviews

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Sample Pack

Thank you so much, James! Cheers ❤☕


LOVE your coffee...NO bitter or burned taste!!! Great way to start the day...

Thanks so much for your review, Linda! Really happy to share those tasteful mornings! Cheers :)

Starter sample pack + decaf

I can’t speak about the sample pack but my partner has loved them. I’m currently only drinking decaf coffee and I’ve tried 2 other brands but the pod and parcel flavour is my favourite.

Glad to hear your partner is loving the Sample Pack! Thanks, Alex. Cheers :)

Sample Pack

It’s a taste of home...a taste of heaven, in every cup! I’ve tried all six and can honestly say they’re all delicious. We discovered Pod and Parcel from watching Shark Tank Australia on YouTube. I’m originally from Perth W.A. and I miss the awesome coffee from home. Thank you for bringing it to us here in the U.S. nothing compares. My American partner agrees! Ordering was a breeze and delivery quick! Even in the midst of today’s pandemic. I’m looking forward to more deliveries!

Thanks so much for your amazing review, Jacqueline! That is truly music to our ears. And we are really happy we could bring Aussie yum coffee to your US home Cheers and enjoy P&P

In the compost

Needless to say all of the pods are in the compost! Delicious coffee varieties, but importantly compostable. Not attaching an image, because no one needs a photo of my compost. Thanks Pod & Parcel.

That's great to hear, Lauren, appreciate the review! :-)

More Info

Know a coffee lover? Our Christmas Gift Pack is the perfect gift for those who want to discover the best of Melbourne's famous coffee, in a sustainable coffee pod. 

Each gift pack includes one flavour from each of our signature specialty coffees:

  • Mbeya (Tanzania - 9/13 intensity)
  • Fasoli (Brazil, Ethiopia & Rwanda- 8/13 intensity)
  • Bezzera (Tanzania, India - 13/13 intensity)
  • Tarrazu (Costa Rica - 10/13 intensity)
  • Calexte (Colombia, Tanzania- 13/13 intensity)
  • Bancroft (Brazil, Indonesia - 11/13 intensity)